Fifth Spring Presentation : Monday, May 6, 2002
Two men thinking about math recreations

Speakers:  Professors Norbert Kuenzi and John Koker.

John Koker is currently the chair of the mathematics department at UW Oshkosh. After receiving his Ph.D. from UW
Milwaukee in 1990, he spent one year as a visiting professor at Potsdam College of the State University of New York. John was the Co-chair of the MAA-WI section's high school math contest for six years.  During his spring 1999 sabbatical he was a visiting professor at Kyungpook National University in Taegu, South Korea.

Professor Kuenzi received his Ph.D from the University of Iowa.  He served as Chairman of the Mathematics Department of UW-Oshkosh, 1976-1991 and served as co-editor of the mathematics problem department for the journal School Science and Mathematics (1976-1986). He has been actively involved in the construction of the MAA Wisconsin Section High School Math Contest. His interests include mathematical recreations, discrete mathematics, math education, probability and statistics.


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