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Lecture #57

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Fall 2006 Presentation #57 (Monday, December 4, 2006)
by Professor Julie Mitchell, UW-Madison

"Using Mathematics to Understand Molecules"

Abstract: Enzymes and antibodies are two types of molecules that are essential to survival. These molecules are proteins, which are formed as a linear ;sequence of amino acids. Folded proteins have unique geometric structures, much like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. It ;is the structure and other properties of a protein that allow it to identify its binding parter and perform its job. The talk will introduce students to the properties of molecules and explain how mathematics can be used to model their behavior. Although high-level mathematics is frequently used, the basic principles of molecular modeling can readily be understood by those with a basic math and science background.

Click here to download Professor Mitchell's slides as a pdf file.

Biography: Julie Mitchell is an Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Biochemistry at UW-Madison. She did her undergraduate work at San Jose State University and went on to complete a Ph.D. at UC Berkeley in Pure Mathematics. After graduating, she did her postdoctoral work in Computational Biology at the San Diego Supercomputer Center.



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