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Lecture #87

Madison Area Technical College
Madison, Wisconsin


Spring 2009 Presentation #87 (Octoberber 9, 2009 )

Professor John Coburn

"Humor. Activity, and Intrigue ... the Fun Side of Mathematics"

Previous Lectures: "Mining the Cubic Equation for Mathematical Gems"

Abstract: This session is designed to provide a few enjoyable and instructive moments for all who attend. The presentation nicely mixes visual cues given via PowerPoint; with opportunities for individual and group participation from willing volunteers, as well as the active participation of all attendees who will attempt to solve mathematical riddles, anticipate punch-lines, and otherwise share in the moment.  It will also include a collection of student bloopers, favorite quips and quotes, humorous cartoons related to the teaching and learning of mathematics, and ingenious devices used to make a mathematical point. Other vehicles for learning and enjoyment will include word play, double meanings, acronyms, simple games, riddles, creative tests, and humorous anecdotes, all designed to help us find unexpected connections and insight, and ways to increase retention, while encouraging divergent thinking and increasing group rapport. A great time is in store for all.

Biography: Professor John Coburn, Mathematics Department, St. Louis Community College


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