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Spring 2012 Presentation #114 (April 20, 2012)

Professor Norbert Kuenzi, UW-O

"The Birthday Problem and Beyond"

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Abstract: It is fairly well known that in a room of 23 people the probability that two or more people have the same birthday is greater than 1/2, and in a room of 40 people it is nearly 9/10. In this talk we will cover this problem, then discuss several generalizations. For example: In a room on n people, what is the probability that 3 or more people have the same birthday? or, what is the probability that someone has my birthday? If you can count and if you have a birthday, then you should enjoy this talk

Biography: Norbert J. Kuenzi Professor Ph.D. (1969); University of Iowa Research Interest: Probability

Student Speaker Eric Luck


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