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Lecture #137

Madison Area Technical College
Madison, Wisconsin

Spring 2014 Presentation #137 (May 2, 2014)

Professor Benjamin V.C. Collins, UW-Platteville and Son Quinn Collins


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Abstract: Not all magic requires slight of hand. Some magic requires careful planning, aenon to detail, an eye for patterns, and careful invesgaon of why the trick always works—in other words, Mathemacs! In this presentaon, Quinnnnius Maximus will perform some prodigious feats of mathemacal magic, and his faithful sidekick, “Sabino”, will explain the mathemacal principles behind them. Don’t miss this astounding demonstraon of the Mathemagical Arts!


Quinntinnius Maximus, a.k.a. Quinn Collins, is a 7th grader at Platteville Middle School. When he isn’t performing stunning acts of prestidigitation, he enjoys singing, acting, dancing, playing the Sousaphone, and, of course, mathemacs.

“Sabino”, a.k.a. Ben Collins, is a professor of mathemacs at UW-Plaeville. When he isn’t explaining stunning acts of prestidigitaon, he enjoys running, reading, puzzles, and, ofes course, mathematics.

Ben Collins has been a member of UW-Platteville Mathematics Department since 2000. In 11 years at UWP, he has taught 17 different courses. Among his favorites are History of Math, Discrete Math, Calc II, and Elementary Statistics. An avid crossword puzzler, he knows the name of Bambi s aunt and the sequel to Typee.


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