MATC's First High School Math Competition

The Math Dept. is proud to announce the results of the First Annual MATC HS Math Competition 2001 held, Friday, October 19 funded by the MATC Foundation. The top 4 teams are:

Edgewood, Madison Memorial, De Forest and Reedsburg.

The top 4 individuals are:

Students from East High and Memorial tied for the First place,  Third and Fourth place went to Memorial and Edgewood students.  These four students will receive cash awards and qualify for $1000 MATC Foundation Scholarships if they decide to attend MATC as a full-time student. Congratulations to these students, their teachers and their parents.


First Round

The High School Teachers Meet with A&S Dean Marian Timmerman

Second Round

How Do You Do That Problem, Anyway?

Initial Grading


Final Round

Closing Ceremony


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