MATC's Second Annual High School Math Competition

The Math Dept. is proud to announce the results of the Second Annual MATC HS Math Competition 2002 held, Friday, October 20. Top four teams based on Rounds 1 & 2 were

Memorial, Edgewood  (Team B), East and Reedsburg (Team A).

The top 4 individuals scorers were

Robert Lemke-Oliver Memorial
Alex Gilliland-Lloyd Edgewood
Brian Bush Edgewood
David Hoffert Memorial

The "Mathematics Triva" results were a  Tie for 1st Place: DeForest & Madison East and another tie for 3rd Place: Edgewood (Team A) & Portage. The Deforest Team included a student from Madison Edgewood who was left
"teamless" after 3 of his teamates advanced. The Belleville B team was entirely composed of freshmen!

Congratulations to all participating students, their teachers and their parents.

Follow this link to practice questions from the Fall 2001 competition.

Opening Ceremony and First Round

The High School Teachers Meet

Second Round

How Do You Do That Problem, Anyway?

The Grading


   Final Round

The last round and the trivia contest can be seen and heard in the Audio Video files below.

Final Round Trivia Contest
File 1 File1
File 2 File 2
File 3

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