Pi Day at Madison Area Technical College

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Winning Pi Day Poster

Pi Day Activities

Madison Area Technical College celebrated Pi Day on Friday March 14 (3.14) 2003 with a variety of events.
Our opening ceremony was introduced by MATC Provost for Learning, Rose Ann Findlen.

The primary event was a math competition consisting of two rounds. The competition featured teams  from six different two-year colleges in Wisconsin. Some of the teams are shown below.

The "Prime" mover behind Pi Day is the faculty advisor of the MATC Math Club, Jeganathan "Sri" Sriskandarajah. To Sri's right, is the Associate Dean of Arts and Sciences Division, Marian Timmerman .

  The competition!


  Lunch break for all participants.

  Professor Ranjan Roy of Beloit College gave an informative presentation: "The Calculation of Pi".

  As usual, someone gets a free graphing calculator (Courtesy of Casio!).

  The most "full filling" Pi Day activity. An actual pie-eating contest, the "Pie-athlon".The winner was determined by the number of pies eaten in 3 min and 14 seconds! Men's Division winners were Adam Bemis sponsored by facilities (Doug Gerbitz) and John Pett sponsored by ETLA (Herb Nelson and John Miller). The Women's Division winner was Jamie Schuardt sponsored by the "Calculus Group" (Gaila Olsen).
  More "Pie-athlon" pictures!

The Math Competition Awards Ceremony

The MATC Math Club is proud to announce the results of the 2003 Pi Day events.

Eight teams from MATC (Truax Campus) and five teams from the University of Wisconsin Two Year College System participated and the results are as follows:

Team Results

First Place UWC-Marathon 258 points
Hiu Cheung
Sean Gonzalez
Justin Lemke
Dustin Zastrow
Second Place UWC-Washington (Team 2) 252 points
Karan Bansal
Bret Klapper
Davy Krill
Rudy Zahn
Third Place MATC (Team 3, coached by Gaila Olsen) 225 points
Andrea Martin
Patrick Mullikin
Ryan Boldt
Kyle LeFebvre
Fourth Place  MATC (Team 1, coached by Al Lehnen) 224 points
Jeffrey Barker, 
Nicholas DiPiazza, 
Samuel McGowan
Patrick O'Malley

Individual Results

First Place  Davy Krill of UWC-Washington : 77 points
Second Place Samuel McGowan of MATC (Al Lehnen's Team 1) : 75 points
Third Place Patrick Mullikin of MATC (Gaila Olsen's Team 3) : 74 points
Fourth Place  Justin Lemke of UWC-Marathon : 71 points

Poster Competition Winner (Gaila Olsen's Team)

Geiger, Eric
     Diaz, Armando
 Shah, Sanny
  Esser, David

  MATC's Vice President of Strategic Innovations, Edward G. Clarke presents the winners with their trophies.

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