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Fall 2004 Problem Sets

Problem Set #2, Volume #7 
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1. Find all ordered pairs of real numbers (x, y) that satisfy both of the equations

  x2 + y2 = 2xy and  x2 + y2 = 6x + 6y - 12.


2. If 0 < x < 90, and 
    compute log10(sin x) + log10(cos x) + log10(tan x).


3. How many unique right triangles are there for which one of the legs has a length of 15 units and the other two sides lengths are both integers? 


4. Assume that the probability that a random person's birthday will fall in any given month is 1/12.  For a group of 12 randomly selected people, what is the probability that each person was born in a different month?


Problem Set #1, Volume #7 
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1. Find all possible ordered pairs of real numbers (b, c) such that the equation x2 + bx + c = 0 has b and c as its roots.


2. A particle starts at the origin and begins moving according to the following pattern:

1 unit to the right,
unit up,
unit to the right,
1/8 unit down,
1/16 unit to the right,
1/32 unit up,

Thus, the length of each move is half the length of the previous move, and the right, up, right, down, right, up, right, down, . . . pattern continues indefinitely.

Find the coordinates of the point to which the particle converges.


3. Solve for n: (1050 + 25)2 - (1050 - 25)2 = 10n


4. Compute the value of the sum

Hint: the following formula may be helpful:



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