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The MATC Mathematics Club posts recreational mathematics problems for your enjoyment and possible extra credit, if you have the right instructor... The current problem set is listed below, as well as links to past problem sets .

Email Kevin Mirus with your solutions (both the answers and their justification)

Current Problem Set


Spring 2005 Problem Sets

Problem Set #1, Volume #8
Click here for the solutions.
1. Find all possible sets of four consecutive integers having the property that the sum of the cubes of the smallest three is equal to the cube of the largest.


2. Find the value of k for which the two equations  

   (x - 2)4 - (x - 2) = 0    and    x2 - kx + k = 0

have two roots in common.


3. Find all ordered pairs of integers (x, y) which satisfy x2 + 4x + y2 = 9.


4. The sum of the ages of the members of a family is currently 75 years, where the family consists of a mother, father, son, and daughter.  Six years ago, the sum of the ages of the family members was 53 years.  If the father is four years older than the mother, and the daughter is three years older that the son, find the current age of the father.


5. Express in simplest form:



Past Problem Sets

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